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G5 Issue 5 – A review of the latest harmonic standard

04 Jun 2020

Industry insights

The latest Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G5 issue 5 comes into effect for connection offers issued from 17th June 2020. This latest revision, published by Energy Networks Association (ENA), provides new harmonic planning levels and assessment processes for the connection of harmonic sources and/or resonant plant to the network.

It is well recognised that harmonic voltages have the potential to interfere with communications, increase losses and cause damage to rotating plant and capacitors. Due to this, it is of upmost importance to ensure that the connection of new harmonic sources does not lead to excessive network harmonic levels. The new harmonic standard exists to define the assessment criteria, and subsequent harmonic limits, for the connection of harmonic generating loads. This document will outline the key updates of G5/5 compared to the previous issue G5/4.

Check out the full technical review here:

G5 Issue 5 review paper (G5:5)

Enspec are able to provide system studies working to the latest revision to asses compliance of new connections. We also have a vast array of experience with the mitigation of harmonic problems through the use of harmonic filtration.

One of our engineers would be more than happy to assist further with any queries you may have.

G5 Issue 5

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