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Video: Overcoming the Switching Impact – Presentation by Enspec CTO Tim Rastall

22 May 2024

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Earlier this year our team attended The Distributed Energy Show, with Enspec CTO Tim Rastall presenting his talk ‘Overcoming the Switching Impact – How the Application of Point-on-Wave Switching for Gang Operated Circuit Breakers can be used to Alleviate Grid Connection Issues’.

Overcoming the Switching Impact

Tim-rastall-enspecThis informative talk covered the following key highlights:

  • The current situation and grid connection complications.
  • An introduction to Point-on-Wave Switching (PoW).
  • The challenges PoW can solve.
  • Viking Wind Farm case study.
  • National Grid ESO, Black-Start from Small DER case study.
  • DNO Smart Switching case study.

See the full video here:

Key slides can be found here:


Point-on-Wave switching is an effective method to curb the high inrush currents typically seen with the mechanical switching of transformers, reactors, and capacitors. This technology provides a cost-efficient and compact electronic alternative for managing switching transients. It can be seamlessly integrated during the initial build of systems or retrofitted into existing circuit breakers. To learn more about Point-on-Wave Switching and how it can benefit your operations, click here.


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