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Enspec reacts to new era for UK green energy – new onshore wind developments ban lifted

10 Jul 2024

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Well done to our new Chancellor, Rt Hon Rachel Reeves, for lifting the de facto ban on new onshore wind developments in England.

This landmark decision marks a significant step forward for our industry and aligns perfectly with the public’s overwhelming support for renewable energy and onshore wind developments.

As someone who has poured their heart and soul into the sustainable energy sector over the last few years, I’m over the moon about this change.

At Enspec, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with wind farms across the UK, and this new policy is a game-changer. By removing these restrictive planning policies, we can move forward more smoothly with projects that bring sustainable energy to our communities.

It’s incredibly encouraging to see the government taking immediate, bold steps to tackle climate change and boost the green economy. The updates to the Community Benefits Protocol mean that local communities will see real benefits from new wind developments, which is fantastic for fostering support and cooperation.

Onshore wind developments are so important for our energy future, it helps us get closer to our net-zero targets and makes our energy supply more secure.

I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities this brings for Enspec Power and the entire renewable energy landscape.


Warm regards,

Mara Rastall
Enspec Power Ltd.

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