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Arc Flash Assessments: What you need to know Part 1 Webinar

20 Nov 2023

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Arc Flash Assessment Part 1 – Webinar Overview:

November 15th saw the launch of Enspec’s first webinar on Arc Flash Assessments: What you need to know Part 1.

The hour-long webinar covered the key highlights of:

– What is Arc Flash? It’s significance, definitions, causes and effects
– Who are the regulating authorities and what are the reference standards?
– What are the general steps for performing arc flash assessments?
– What are Arc Flash Mitigation Techniques?

Given the length of the webinar and the amount of detail to cover, future webinars have been planned to look at some of these sections in more detail. Our next webinar is planned for Q1 of 2024, specifically looking at the Engineering Applications of the mitigation techniques, case studies of their application and the critical analysis our electrical engineers employ when making these decisions based on site-specific circumstances.

See the full webinar video here:

Key slides from the presentation can be found here:

To download the slides, click the ellipsis in the far right corner and select the option “download”.

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