Power System Studies

Enspec Power specializes in providing power system studies that ensure your electrical network is safe, efficient, and reliable. We know how vital it is for today’s switched-on businesses to save time and money, and we’re here to help you reduce downtime and secure continuity of supply.

power system studies

Expert support has never been more important

If you are a bulk power system owner, operator, or generator, then you must comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability standards. This compels you to register with NERC, through your appropriate Regional Entity, whilst also keeping up to date with an evolving series of requirements.

The current increase in the complexity of the grid and the addition of new technology after all, has seen the NERC proactively enforce its existing requirements, introduce new ones, and adjust the frequency of its compliance reporting. This means that ensuring that your power system is up to standard is more important than ever, and why you need to ensure that your power system is functioning properly with a focused NERC reliability assessment and power systems study.

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Trust in Enspec’s experience
Trust in Enspec’s experience
Trust in Enspec’s experience

Trust in Enspec’s experience

For over three decades, Enspec has been helping companies around the globe to satisfy the demands of the strictest regulatory bodies. Most recently, this has led to us closely monitoring the activities of NERC and making certain our clients’ assets meet the very latest NERC compliance directives.

Enspec’s NERC compliance services range from completing complex technical assessments and power system studies to tracking filing deadlines and preparing required documentation. So you can concentrate on your customers and growth, while we focus on the technical requirements you need for NERC compliance.

As you would expect from a specialist that has worked with different accreditation boards across a diverse range of locations worldwide, our lead engineers are now highly respected thought-leaders in the realm of power quality safety and regulation. Want to stay ahead of the curve and save time and money? You can rely on Enspec.

What we will do

Our engineers will model and analyze your network to assess your site against defined standards and recommendations relating to performance, safety, and efficiency after data collection. These could include things like electrical design drawings, manufacturers’ datasheets, or connection point characteristics. Then, once this is complete, we will provide a professionally indemnified engineering report that outlines key findings and recommendations to address any highlighted issues.

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Our power system studies

Using the latest steady-state and transient analysis software, including DIgSILENT PowerFactory, ERACS, ETAP, Ipsaand PSCAD, our engineers offer a full suite of professionally indemnified power system studies, including:


  • Load flow and fault analysis
  • Connection studies
  • Voltage fluctuation and flicker (Voltage Sag IEE 1564, IEEE 1453)
  • Harmonic studies (IEEE519)
  • Short Circuit Capacity
  • Reactive power studies and Voltage Support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Protection grading surveys
  • Grounding studies
  • Arc flash analysis
  • TRV studies
  • RC Snubber design
  • Power System Modeling & Analysis
  • Substation Design
  • Transmission Line Design
  • Protection & Control System Design
  • SCADA System Design
  • Ensure NERC Compliance

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