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10 Mar 2022

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Enspec Power Ltd is a growing company, with a fantastic team set out to be one of the strongest power quality consultants and grid connection specialists in the UK and North America, with sites set globally. Our passion is energy, and with the whole world looking at the complexities of carbon neutrality, net-zero, battery storage, renewables generation and grid connection, there isn’t a better time for key individuals to advance their career with Enspec.

Joining us is a great opportunity to develop alongside our team, and thanks to impressive growth in clients, we’re looking to bring in passionate team members to help keep up with the high demand for our services. But when it comes down to it, what separates Enspec from the rest?

We’re a trustworthy, family-owned company

Working with companies across the globe, Enspec has no shortage of experience within the team. Originally founded in 1998, Enspec has focused on the growth of the business by putting customers first, establishing new relationships and building existing ones to ensure every need is met to the highest standard. With over 24 years of experience, we’ve worked with top businesses around the world, consulting, problem-solving and becoming leaders in the electrical engineering field. Thanks to our company qualities and broad knowledge among multiple fields, our customers know they are in safe hands. If you’re passionate about providing upstanding customer service, building relationships and you’re passionate about energy consultancy, by joining Enspec you’ll be working in a like-minded environment with some of the best minds in the business.

We value a comfortable working environment

Within the company, we operate across multiple sites: our offices located in St. Helens, our manufacturing site in Washington and our various US sites. We’ve recently completed a renovation of our UK HQ in St Helens, allowing us to provide spacious desks, clutter-free space to focus and a state of the art fitted kitchen with well-furnished areas to brainstorm, take a break or eat your lunch. Furthermore, we’re in the process of renovating the office space at our Washington site, creating a friendly area to work in no matter which site you call local. Plus, we keep our snack bowls topped up with fresh fruit & snacks because brilliant thinking and hard work take sustenance, and we’re more than happy to provide!

Our commitment to responsibilities and our local communities

We are serious about our practices, refusing to accept anything less than the highest standards in ethical behaviour, environmental sustainability, supplier relationships and data security. We take pride in the fact that we operate in such a way as we believe in setting the bar high for all to follow. The same applies to all our staff, whether you’re just starting or have been with us from early on. Outside of work, we like to do our part in the community, helping organisations that focus on supporting young people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. We encourage our staff to play an active role in the community because we understand the importance and commitment communities deserve.

Training and personal development opportunities

New responsibilities require new learning, which is why we’re always prepared to give our team members the time and investment they deserve to broaden their skills, no matter where they sit in the company. Joining our team means you’ll have access to funding for further education, learning portals to find other training opportunities and the latest software to ensure you have all the tools you need to be the best in your field.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be looking to recruit for several roles in our UK sites, to expand our team and its capabilities. Interested? Keep an eye out on our UK Careers Page here for the latest opportunities to join Enspec.






Working at Enspec

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