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4 Reasons Why Maintenance is so Important

11 Jul 2022

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Whether you’re a large energy generator, such as a solar farm, wind farm or hydro plant, or a large energy user such as a hospital or manufacturer, electrical sites host expensive equipment that requires upkeep. Planned maintenance services can significantly reduce the risk of premature site failure and help protect investments. By setting up a framework agreement you can guarantee the planning and regular upkeep of your equipment, no matter where it is in the world. This preventative type of maintenance not only helps save on costly repairs from equipment damage but avoids electrical disruption costing valuable revenue.

In all truth, there are countless benefits to ensuring the upkeep and reliability of electrical equipment, but here are our top 4.

The benefits of planned maintenance are:

1. Flexibility


When carrying out a maintenance visit, there may be a less disruptive time to avoid interrupting workflow. Planned maintenance can be carried out year-round, in or out of hours as required. Our team of skilled Field Engineers have extensive knowledge of plant and power distribution systems and can carry out this service during production shut down or out of hours to minimise disruption. We’ll also be able to work with your timeline and budgeting teams to ensure that any major repairs are planned for well in advance, ensuring that there are no last-minute costly surprises.


2. Protecting People


Running an electrical operation means you have an obligation under the Electricity at Work Regulations to ensure system safety through regular preventive maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps everybody safe. Ensuring your systems operate safely provides peace of mind, as well as longevity of equipment. We employ the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your equipment is not just maintained to the highest standards, but also to ensure we can get the job done safely and efficiently.


3. Save Money


Planned preventive maintenance ensures maximum efficiency and identifies problems early before they become an expensive emergency. Regular maintenance programmes also reduce expensive production downtime.  Our Field Engineers employ tools and technologies such as infrared thermal imaging to detect hidden problems as well as Partial Discharge detection to identify the early signs of insulation breakdown.


4. Safety


As an ISO 45001 registered firm, Enspec engineers are highly trained in Health & Safety procedures which are adhered to at all times along with additional site-specific safety requirements. Permit to Work (PTW) schemes are employed where required, risk assessments and method statements are routinely produced on a job-by-job basis.


A planned maintenance programme is the most cost-effective approach to maintaining plant and equipment to maximise the longevity of your investments. Costs are agreed upon in advance, ensuring that your expenditure is managed, planned and correctly budgeted.

Long-term site maintenance contracts are available: enabling our field engineers to build a great working relationship with key site personnel and gain an in-depth knowledge of your systems and site.

To find out more about site service, Planned Preventative Maintenance and what tools and technologies are used, click here. Or read our Case Study with ScottishPower Renewables on their Maintenance Framework Agreement here.


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