Tony Cook

Director of Site Services

Since joining Enspec in 2007, Tony’s role has evolved and diversified from being employed as an electrical fitter through to a supervisory position to managing shopfloor resources and then overseeing manufacturing and managing site services.

Today, Tony not only has his manufacturing duties, he’s responsible for quality control, checking drawings, developing relationships with suppliers and customers, and organising field engineers’ calendars as well as booking in maintenance and commissioning visits.

Tony works on all projects that require manufacturing or maintenance, including low voltage (415V) up to high voltage (33kV). One such project was Twenty Shilling Wind Farm that required organising resource to modify the ‘C’ Type Filter onsite to a revised specification to enable final commissioning to commence as per the timescales given to the client.

Tony sees the growth of battery storage units on generation sites as an integral development for an organisation adapting to this new market with its specific needs. A major contributary factor towards the ongoing challenge of addressing climate change.

Tony holds a BA (Hons) 1st in Applied Management and enjoys working alongside a great team with a shared goal of delivering the highest standard of products and services.

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