Stephen Jones

Board Director & HV Business Development Manager

As co-founder of Enspec Power in 1999, Steve’s role has evolved over the years and today, his primary focus is on HV Project Sales and Business Development, including customer retention and development, as well as identifying potential new leads and markets.

With extensive expertise across 33kV Harmonic Filters and High Voltage projects for renewable energy, Steve’s invaluable technical advice spans multiple projects. His role also includes regular input into the Engineering Design, software management cycles, talent recognition and training.

Prior to forming Enspec, Steve was responsible for analysing the Cypriot Distribution network and designed multiple 11kV harmonic filters for installation across the island to provide reactive power compensation whilst reducing harmonic distortion and enabling the island’s Audio Frequency control system to operate without issue.

During this time, Steve has seen the rapid progress of the electrical industry unfold and he believes the electrical transmission and distribution networks that Enspec rely on must remain stoic. And as the end user in-house expertise declines, Steve sees Enspec’s ability to adapt to change playing more of a key role thanks to solutions that Enspec designs and manufactures.

Steve is a Member of Engineers Europe, Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chartered Engineer and holds a Master of Science in Power System Operation from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from UMIST.

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