Oseghale Okohue

Engineering Project Manager

As an Engineering Project Manager, Oseghale coordinates and oversees the planning, execution and completion of Enspec’s engineering projects.

With a background in subsea design, Oseghale brings over 11 years’ experience from a number of diverse sectors, including oil and gas, offshore  and subsea engineering, subsea cables, solar, wind energy and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Oseghale is currently focused on steering projects in the dynamic fields of solar, wind energy and BESS. A recent project was the OMEXOM – COVENTRY BESS – 33kV – C-Type – SO#4673, which required the delivery of a 33 kV C-Type harmonics filter for medium-voltage power systems.

Challenges included site readiness issues, specifically aligning the manufacturing unit departure with site preparedness. Proactive communication played a pivotal role and adjustments to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) date were promptly communicated. This ensured expectations were managed effectively, demonstrating adaptability and a commitment to customer needs. Effective collaboration with the client and the contractor showcased flexibility in adjusting the FAT date according to their preferences.

Lean Six Sigma principles were also applied, and customer value was evident in the successful manufacturing and testing of the harmonics filter in order to align with the client’s overall goal of a stable power distribution network.

Oseghale believes the most significant change in the renewable energy industry has been the rapid evolution of technology and the growing emphasis on sustainability. Advanced technologies like Lean Six Sigma, which ensure successful outcomes towards a greener future.

Oseghale holds an MBA from the London School of Economics, a B.Eng. in Petroleum Engineering, and an MSc in Subsea Engineering from the University of Aberdeen. He also has certifications in Prince2, Agile Project Management and Lean Six Sigma.

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