Kerim Ozer

Director of Consultancy

As a Director of Consultancy, Kerim’s key role and responsibilities include Team Management, Power System Studies, Harmonic Filter Design, RC Snubber Design, TRV Studies, Insulation Breakdown Studies, Harmonic Filter & Reactive Power Compensators’ Component Specs and PLC Programming.

Trained in Power Simulation Software (ETAP, IPSA, PSCAD, DIgSILENT, MATLAB SIMULINK), Kerim actively works alongside leading wind and solar farms, BESS, data centre developers and investors to prove and maintain compliance.

Kerim’s expertise was brought to the fore when he was involved in the design of a harmonic filter for an Industrial Plant, which included total capacity of >100MW smelters, in order to mitigate the experienced harmonic limit exceedances over a decade against the G5/4-1 limit.

The model has been extended up to the 400kV transmission level and the 33kV substation has been comprehensively modelled. The substation includes a total length of >300km Cable, dominantly OHL. Various harmonic measurements were also carried out at the site, including analysing the harmonic data from the last two years.

Kerim knew the resonances were captured accurately thanks to relatively large network modelling. It was found that the existing detuned harmonic filters did not enable dampening the harmonic impedances at high orders.

Considering the G5/4-1 compliance and reactive power requirement of the site, the installation of a 10.0 MVAr C-type filter with the appropriate tuning frequency and quality factor was proposed to the client.

The client accepted the solution, and the filter was manufactured and commissioned by Enspec. The harmonic filter post-connection survey was conducted, and the results compared with the pre-connection results.

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