Dhruti Shah

Senior Power System Engineer

Dhruti is a Senior Power System Engineer with over six years hands-on experience in shaping and optimising energy distribution. Her diverse role covers a range of responsibilities that revolve around system design and analysis, stability and protection, renewable integration and grid modernisation.

As a Power System Engineer, Dhruti is driven by advancements in technology, changes in energy landscapes and the growing emphasis on sustainability. Prior to joining Enspec, Dhruti worked as a Technical Consultant for a Power Consulting division in India and the UK. Throughout the years, Dhruti’s role has evolved from traditional power engineering to focus more on renewable integration.

Dhruti’s expertise includes but is not limited to: Power System Modelling using software tools (e.g. ETAP, PSCAD, IPSA, NEPLAN, DIgSILENT), Feasibility Studies and Power Flow Analysis, Fault Analysis, Protection Coordination, Arc Flash analysis, Unit Protection Setting Calculations and Transient & Dynamic Stability Analysis.

As the Power System industry transforms from traditional fossil-fuel based generation to the integration of renewable energy sources, Dhruti has had to adapt and adjust her role as an engineer to onboard new technologies and enhance her analytical skills for emerging concepts, including micro-grids and smart grids.

Dhruti earned a BEng in Electrical Engineering and is passionate about working in an industry that is actively influencing the global distribution of electricity and people’s lives in order to reverse the impact of climate change.

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