Dave Jones

Non-Executive Director

As joint co-founder of Enspec Power in 1999, Dave’s role and responsibilities have grown and changed throughout the years from his position as Manufacturing Director to providing strategic direction as Non-Executive Director on the board.

Drawing on his invaluable experience during the day-to-day running of the manufacturing department in Washington, UK, Dave has a wealth of knowledge across project planning, equipment design, procurement, manufacturing and quality assurance.

From the smallest supermarket LV panel to the first ever point-on-wave mechanically-switched capacitor system for wind farm reactive power grid compliance, Dave has witnessed the scale and complexities within power systems engineering.

None more so than Havsnäs Wind Farm in Sweden. Close to the artic circle with extremely low temperatures, this challenging project saw Dave design a fully insulated stainless steel housing to ensure component operating temperatures were maintained at all times.

With the increased demand for renewable energy and its associated challenges to the grid, Dave believes that as we strive towards net zero, Enspec is better equipped to meet these goals head on through forward-thinking innovative solutions. In short, Enspec’s strength lies in it being greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Dave is highly skilled in electro-mechanical design of harmonic filters and reactive compensators and holds a First Class BEng Hons in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

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